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Sitting down with KamCartoon Beats was life changing. In my opinion he’s one of the rare internet producers. One of the producers doesn’t not sound like everyone else. We talked about a lot about the modern industry. He told me he’s not focused on making “type beats’. His main focus is to make the total opposite. KamCartoon wants to inspire independent artist to steer away from modern rap & develop a new era.

To me this was eye opening. However I feel a lot of producers now a day get trapped in sounding the same. Lets be honest those are usually the style beats that sell. Most artist want to ride the wave instead of creating one.

What do I Have to Say About His Beats?

My opinion on KamCartoon beats? Definitely different, but in a good way. Very trippy and majority of the time very dark. KamCartoon beats has a travis scott & nav type style. Check out his drum kit here.

Will He Blow Up?

100%, as long as he continues moving down the path he’s on. KamCartoon Beats is bringing game changing vibes and ideas to the industry.

Outside the beats

Besides the beats KamCartoon is a very motivational guy. Also in my opinion this guy is extremely smart for his age. Back when he was 16 he taught himself how to produce and code websites. When I was that age I was still trying to figure out how to ball. KamCartoon is also very inspiring. Sit down with this guy one time & he will have you re-thinking all your life decisions. Guy knows what he’s doing.

Overall KamCartoon Beats is just getting started. If you haven’t heard of him yet you will soon. Check Out his Instrumental Beats Click Here


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